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LC is performing in optima forma as an extension of the end-users organization.

The LC company provides professional consulting and engineering services, delivered by talented and highly motivated professionals with extensive and integral industry know-how of a diversity of techniques related to the Industrial Automation domain.


Our services includes a complete package for the (re)organization/buying of industrial automation solutions.

“Do we have a business case or not?” is a frequently asked question by our clients as a starting point of a first meeting.

To be able to provide an effective response to this demand, we have developed a product based on a now well-proven approach, called a “Quick Scan Industrial Automation”. This highly focused and cost-effective feasibility study gives insight in technology, economics as well as organization-wise, in the current situation, weaknesses, possible bottle-necks, and provides a clear path how to overcome these challenges. Also opportunities are spotted to further enhance and optimize current systems to maximize operational benefits.

As a result a well based choice can be made in future directions, migration of systems or complete replacement engineering, maintenance, management and operations are often an initial starting point.

LC’s Consulting Services consists of, amongst others:

  • Quick-Scan, Feasibility studies and Business Cases
  • System Architecture and Migration strategies
  • Project and Performance Quality Audits of DCS vendors
  • User Requirement Specifications definition
  • Functional Design Specifications definition
  • European Tender Process management
  • System Vendor Evaluation and Selection process
  • Bid Clarification Process Management
  • Service Level Agreement specifications
  • Project Management
  • Standardization Processes (S88 / S95), “Blue-print” rollout

Our engineering services primarily take place in the implementation and operational phase of a project, such as:

  • Basic Engineering
  • Functional and Technical Design Specifications definition (FDS/TDS)
  • Detailed engineering packages
  • Installation supervision
  • Resident (on-site) engineering
  • Commissioning and site acceptance tests
  • Operator/system maintenance focussed training
  • Software application maintenance
  • Project management


Two distinct routes to a successful migration or update.

At a certain point, your products or systems are at the end of their technical and/or economic life or lack support of the manufacturer or supplier on the (outdated) system components. The reliability and availability of your system hardware is collapsing over time. In such a situation it is fortunately not always a must to replace at once your process control system as a whole. In that case the return on investment in your installation can be maximized by migrating your system in a controlled way.

A migration path fit for purpose, may in some cases have a positive impact on the Total Cost of Ownership, without compromising the reliability of your setup.

Our advice is focused on the result:
1. Migration or expansion/replacement of existing process automation systems
2. Advice in relation to arranging/buying new automation solutions

LC has great experience with this type of processes and can therefore make use of an arsenal of documents for these pillars. A big advantage here is that the customer does not have to start from “scratch” while providing information, but can instantly respond to selected “tailor made” documents that LC will put forward. Tools such as standard customized questionnaires for the disciplines of engineering, maintenance, management and operations are often an initial starting point.

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